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Asset Maintenance Solution


This solution allows your company to monitor & maintain each asset, equipment, or tools in the business’s inventory. Following a dynamic layout module, it also permits users to create various reports. The modules include:

  • Creating different types of Assets, items, tools, and units of measure.
  • Creating assets master data, view related work orders, schedule, zone location, and general information, such as groups, costs, center allocation, and so on.
  • Specifying different meter types such as kilometers per hour.
  • Defining work orders and allocating them to the respective team members.
  • Keeping track of the approval stages and templates required for different workflows.

Your maintenance manager will be responsible for the schedule, to plan and execute upcoming and due work orders, based on a date parameter with further options to filter; for example, suggested work orders depending on the asset’s code and name, maintenance type, group, and locations.

You can create work orders either manually or automatically, following standards set by HSE. All work orders are subjected to approval based on predefined conditions.

Material Requests (Inventory Transfer Request) can be created from scratch or based on a work order. Users can create multiple corrective maintenance requests, later reviewed by their respective manager, and converted to a WO later.

You can also upload or manually add meter readings for multiple fixed assets. Once posted, it will update the meter reading tab for every fixed asset mentioned, along with the next maintenance date.