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Real Estate Management Solution


Management of real estate is essential for the development of every business.

All operations regarding your company's administration, data, transactions, finance, and reports can be managed from the dashboard with dynamic reports.

You can restrict the access of your users, groups, and employees. You can add job titles, target, and commission to each employee.

Properties, unit details, and business partners with information on each can be listed and managed. For example, the manager can add a list of tenants who have rented the unit before. Furthermore, the business partner feature displays who is involved in the transactions with a list of their spouses, sponsors, units' occupied, unit visits, parking information, as well as collections of payments.

The unit inquiry section creates sales quotations and orders, which facilitate the selection of all required data, customer, duration, available unit, parking, payment terms, and attachments.

The contracts section helps in the execution of:

  • Quotation: an offer sent to the customer that shows the selected unit, duration, payment plan.
  • Order: a binding document from the customer to buy or rent the unit.
  • Contract: an official agreement with the customer for the rent/sales of units according to the agreed period and payment plan.

Users can cancel contracts at any time before the expiry date and calculate the customer's pending payments and penalties.

Your payments segment allows users to pay their installments, specify the amount of payment required of each partner, and type of payments accepted (cash, cheque, or bank transfer). The installments can be updated with the total amount remaining and keep track of their due dates. After that, the user must complete the account (in case of cheque payments, users can add multiple cheques) with the option to add attachments.

You can manage cheques and cash movement between several offices, locations, and deposits in banks.

The mobile application caters to your business. You can raise tickets for maintenance services, report pending payments, search for new properties, receive alerts, and manage your profile.